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Lingual Braces Cost

Lingual Orthodontics cost

Lingual Braces Are you wondering about the lingual braces cost? Lingual braces are kind of traditional braces that are attached behind the teeth. Lingual orthodontics has been around for a long time yet it is hard to find an orthodontist that offers this orthodontic appliance. Braces behind the teeth are common in adult patients. With improvements of lingual orthodontics, some …

Colored Braces Offer Even More Customization Orthodontic Options

colored braces

When considering orthodontic treatment, there are more options now than ever before! Orthodontists use modern clear or metal braces that are small and more efficient.

Many of our teen and young patients choose metal or clear “conventional” braces because they customizing them with their favorite colors, school colors, or even their favorite sports team colors bring added fun to the treatment process.

Are braces important for kids?

Kids orthodontist in Sammamish

I have been asked almost everyday, does my child need braces? When is it considered an appropriate age to explore orthodontic treatment for my child? The short answer to all of these questions is that not all kids need braces – some don’t need them at all, some could benefit from orthodontic treatment, and some really need them.

Braces-friendly Meals at Sammamish Metropolitan Market


After a long day of work or school, nobody likes coming home to an empty fridge. Make sure yours is well stocked with ingredients and supplies for your favorite meals, so you don’t end up hangry (hungry + angry). Besides, getting a balanced and nutritious meal is just as important for your teeth as it is for the rest of …

Mail-order & DIY Braces


Happy New Year! As you make plans, goals, and new year’s resolutions for 2019, you may be thinking about your smile. This year, don’t be afraid to prioritize your health and happiness. While there are many ways to improve your confidence and quality of life, your smile is a great place to start. In the age of modern technology, we …

Foods to Avoid with Braces During the 2018 Holidays

Foods to avoid with braces

No sooner have the stores cleared the 4th of July items off the shelves and it’s on to back-to-school with a side of Halloween candy. But don’t blink, because then the Christmas stuff will be out in droves. There’s no denying the retail world wants to remind us of what is right around the corner, and the recent change in …

Orthodontist explaining the differences between Invisalign and clear aligners

Porth Aligner Sammamish Bellevue

What Kleenex & Invisali(g)n-e have in common? Differences between Invisalign and clear aligners If you’ve stepped into an orthodontist’s office, or visited their website, in the last few years you’re probably quite aware that clear aligners are a very popular treatment option. In fact, there’s a section on the Porth website dedicated to providing information about this alternative to conventional …