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chronological age doesn't always match dental age

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Porth was founded with a mission to provide exceptional orthodontic care with a simple solution. We use cutting edge technology to remove any barriers between you and your new smile. Our virtual consultation provides you initial information about your treatment from the comfort of your couch.

chronological age doesn't always match dental age

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Dr. Rooz Khosravi is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Washington and a leading expert in clear aligners. He works with multiple companies to push the boundaries through treatment and materials, and he is a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontists. We use cutting edge aligner material and software powered by AI to move teeth efficiently. Porth aligner is clear, advanced and agile.

chronological age doesn't always match dental age

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We fabricate your customized aligners at our flagship clinic in Sammamish. You will have your aligner in 2-3 days or if you are interested on the same day. We use advanced AI-supported technology to deliver the next of generation aligners at an extraordinarily fast pace. Having control over production of these appliances allows us to create a unique treatment experience to each of our patients.

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Dr. Rooz Khosravi is such a great orthodontist and I have had such a great experience. He is always on top of my care, on-time and very flexible with schedule. He listens to what your goal is and works with you to meet that goal. I am very happy with my results so far and his care. I would highly recommend him and his staff.
Dr. Rooz is very experienced, honest, friendly and down to earth. Staff are great and super friendly as well. He does what’s right for the patient and I’m super glad I went with Dr. Rooz and didn’t have to pull out my front tooth!!! 100% recommending him.
Highly recommend Dr. Rooz and Personalized Orthodontics. I consulted with a bunch of orthodontist about my treatment before picking Dr. Rooz. I was not interested to extract any tooth and he worked with me to come with a plan that matches what I wanted. We started with a hybrid plan where I was wearing braces and clear aligners now I am completely switched to Porth aligners. They look like Invisalign. Crystal and the rest of the team are amazing at Porth. It is very easy to schedule appointments including evenings or Saturdays. I am getting close to be done around 1 year of treatment and can’t be happier. \(^_^)/ Thank you!!

Dr. Rooz is an excellent orthodontist and a delightful person. I trust him implicitly with my orthodontic care. From beginning to end, my experience at PORTH exceeded my expectations. The entire process was seamless. Appointments are easy to make and communication is stellar. Prior to finding PORTH, I thought my only option was to buy in to the pricey Invisalign system. In my case, with minor adjustments desired, Invisalign was not good value from a cost standpoint. I am so happy I found PORTH. I love my smile 🙂 I highly recommend Dr. Rooz of PORTH.
My lower teeth were becoming increasingly crowded since high school. I had braces for a little while during high school and since, hadn’t worn my retainers. I knew I wanted to do clear aligners because they are discrete enough so that I’d be comfortable in a professional setting with them on. I watched a couple girlfriends have slight issues with by-mail aligner services so I wanted to avoid the same complications by going to an orthodontist. From the first appointment with Dr. Rooz- the process has been easy, comfortable, and rewarding! Within a week I already saw a change in my smile. He is fantastic about answering questions along the way and continues to show genuine interest in how the process is going for me. So happy I found Dr. Rooz and can’t be happier with the quick & painless results. Highly recommend!!

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