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Dr. Rooz established Personalized Orthodontics – abbreviated as PORTH– in 2017 in Sammamish, WA and has been providing innovative orthodontic care with high precision outcomes since that time. He is the newest orthodontist in Sammamish plateau and quickly becoming popular amongst kids, teens and adults alike as he helps straighten their teeth and achieve beautiful smiles.

Dr. Rooz is an innovator and industry leader in digital technology and modern approach to orthodontic services. His personalized approach to orthodontic treatment empowers his patients with individually tailored solutions and precision outcomes.

Additionally, Dr. Rooz is one of the few orthodontists in the greater Seattle area that is specialized in adult esthetic orthodontics including comprehensive lingual braces (braces behind the teeth), clear aligner therapy and other esthetic treatment options. 

Dr. Rooz believes in hi-tech personalized orthodontic care. You can learn more about our services at our free consultation.

chronological age doesn't always match dental age

Assistant Professor at the University of Washington

Following his graduation from the UW ortho program, Dr. Rooz was thrilled to be offered a position as an assistant professor in the department. He teaches students in the dental program as well as orthodontic residents. Dr. Rooz conducts research on how to use new technologes to move as well as oversees residents conducting their studies as well. He is also involved in implementing new technology in the program.

Dr. Rooz Published Journals

Published in Several Peer-Reviewed Journals

In addition to his Sammamish orthodontic clinical activities at PORTH in Sammamish, WA and academic work, Dr. Rooz is a frequent contributor to several peer-reviewed scientific journals. He has both published his own work in addition to acting as a peer reviewer. His current research at UW focuses primarily on the use of technology in the field of orthodontics, and how it can help orthodontists optimize their treatment plans and outcomes for patients.

Dr. Rooz with fellow dentists

Recommended by Fellow Dentists and Orthodontists

Dr. Rooz has established a strong reputation among his peers in the field of orthodontics and dentistry as a whole. He is a leading expert in the field of clear aligner therapy. He has collaborated with dental professionals in various specialities and enjoys collaborating with them when treating patients. Many dentists (DDS) have referred patients to the expertise and confident hand of Dr. Rooz.

Dr. Rooz with fellow dentists

Active in the Local Community

Dr. Rooz, his family and the Porth team are all active members in the Sammamish and Issaquah communities. The team is present at local events, provides support and sponsorships to youth activities in the area and contributes to the Issaquah Schools Foundation. Being a part of the community is a priority and an honor to Dr. Rooz as an orthodontist in Sammamish, WA.

Dr. Rooz with fellow dentists

Orthodontist-Scientist Consultant

Dr. Rooz established Digital Orthodontics Hub to offer education and training to orthodontists and their teams on digital orthodontics - novel 3D printed approaches to make clear aligners, retainers or digitally setup braces. Additionally, he is partnered with multiple companies in the tech field where he provides his expertise in orthodontics in order to innovate and improve the treatment and appliances available to patients.

More about Dr. Rooz's journy to orthodontics

Dr. Rooz and his family live in Sammamish. He met his wife Elly – a New England native – in Boston. They were both excited that soon after relocating to the PNW it felt like home, and they’ve decided to stay here and raise their son, Milo Kalhor.

Dr. Rooz Khosravi interest in dentistry began early in his life, as he is a second generation dentist in his family. He grew up spending lots of time in his mother’s dental practice, and learning the importance of deeply caring about patients of all ages.

The joy of impacting others’ lives by improving their oral health is one of the main reasons Dr. Rooz decided to pursue dentistry. As an orthodontist specialized to move teeth, he sees the influence of a healthy and beautiful smile on children, teenagers and adults and enjoys being a part of this process for them.

Dr. Rooz obtained his dental degree (DDS/DMD) from Azad University in Tehran. Following his dental education he decided to move into the field of basic sciences, beginning with a move to Montreal to pursue his graduate training in oral health sciences.

He studied the relationship between diabetes and periodontal disease as part of his Master of Science degree at INRS-IAF. Following his graduation, Dr. Rooz again relocated, this time to Boston where he obtained his PhD in Oral Biology from Boston University. His studies in this degree program focused on bone fragility under diabetic conditions.

It was after these two degrees in the basic sciences that Dr. Rooz decided to transition back to the field of clinical dentistry, taking with him a deeper knowledge of bone biology, which made him keenly interested in the field of orthodontics. Dr. Rooz enrolled in the orthodontics program at the University of Washington, one of the top orthodontics program worldwide.

Check the highlighted Google reviews to learn more on what patients say about Dr. Rooz … 

Love Dr. Rooz i have worked with him, had my braces done by him and now my son is in treatment with him!!! Best Orthodontist in Sammamish very friendly and experienced! I refer all my friends and family to him!


Dr. Rooz is such a unique, intelligent, incredible orthodontist. He has taught me SO many things and he has challenged me when I didn’t think I could be challenged anymore. He does outstanding work and you would be blessed to have him as an orthodontist or as an employer. By far the best Sammamish orthodontist I have met. I wanted to be an orthodontist for ever, until I met a different doctor who did not like his job…


Dr. Rooz is such a smart & cool orthodontist in Sammamish! He uses the latest technology to customize treatment plan for every patient, truly delivering Personalized Orthodontics! If you want the best treatment for you and your family, you’ve found the perfect office.


I have been to two other orthodontists in Sammamish and I guarantee that this is the best. They were very patient and completely fixed my overbite. While another orthodontist wanted to completely remove a tooth, Dr. Rooz and his team found a way to fix my smile with angling and teeth shaping. I have had braces and regular Invisalign so I was very hesitant when they wanted to use his own type of plastic aligners. However, I found that they were extremely comfortable and I felt little pain using them. The plastic he uses is more flexible and smooth in comparison to Invisalign. The edges of the Invisalign are sharp and cut my gums but his aligners were really smooth. If you are looking for an orthodontist, Porth orthodontics are the way to go.


I highly recommend this Sammamish ortho! I was one of their first patients and they have great service! I am so satisfied with my smile after a year of braces! Dr.Rooz is great doctor and I couldn’t have had a better smile! They ensured a great smile and their staff was always welcoming! Additionally, they were always flexible to fit us in their schedule! This was the best experience by far I have had with an orthodontist!


I'm almost finished with my adult treatment (using conventional braces) with Dr Rooz at Porth. I’ve been really happy with my choice. Dr Rooz and his staff have been easily available for questions via text throughout my treatment, and the two times I’ve popped off a bracket I was able to come in for a fix very quickly. I also love that Dr Rooz teaches ortho classes at the UW. It’s so reassuring to see an orthodontist who is up to date on all the latest methods and really engaged with and knowledgeable about the science behind his treatments. I’ve always felt like the goals of my treatment at each step have been explained clearly, and my total treatment time is going to be a month shorter than the original estimate. The tooth pain that brought me to get my bite fixed has been gone for the last six months or so, and I’m so happy with the improved aesthetics of my smile already—I can’t wait to actually get my braces off next month! Thanks Dr Rooz!


Need specific dental care that extends beyond your DDS? Call Dr. Rooz.

Looking for orthodontic care in a bucolic setting, where you’re treated like a VIP every time you enter the door? Also call Dr. Rooz.

Lastly, are you seeking an orthodontic practice whose stunning scenery views and spa-like practice setting will transport you away from Covid-19 worries and the other stressors in your life? Yes that’s right, call Dr. Rooz.

I found Dr. Rooz to be warm, charismatic, and technologically advanced in how he approached my orthodontic care. His staff are all equally warm, inviting, and eager to provide you with the best care on Seattle’s Eastside.

In summary, call Dr. Rooz - you won’t regret it. Cheers!