Personalized Orthodontics

Colored Braces Offer Even More Customization Orthodontic Options

colored braces

When considering orthodontic treatment, there are more options now than ever before! Orthodontists use modern clear or metal braces that are small and more efficient.

Many of our teen and young patients choose metal or clear “conventional” braces because they customizing them with their favorite colors, school colors, or even their favorite sports team colors bring added fun to the treatment process.

Your 3-Step Dentistry Guide: De-Mystifying Dental Insurance Plus Tips for Choosing a Dentist or an Orthodontist

Your 3-Step Dentistry Guide: De-Mystifying Dental Insurance Plus Tips for Choosing a Dentist or an Orthodontist 1

Table of ContentsStep #1: Choose the Right Dental Professional– Type of Dentists– A Comparison: Dentists & Dental Specialists– Which Dentist or Dental Specialist Do You Need to See?– Signs you need to see a dental care providerStep #2: Understand Your Dental Insurance Options– What Is Dental Insurance?– Common Dental Insurance Terms– What Are HSA and FSA?– What Are Dental Discount …

What Happens During An Orthodontic Consultation?


Orthodontic care plays an important role in oral health. When considering orthodontic treatment to improve the overall function and appearance of your smile, an orthodontic consultation is the first step. Our clinic offers free consultations in Sammamish and Bellevue.  We give you professional expert advice at no additional cost so you don’t spend hours on Google finding the right answer. …

5 main differences between Invisalign and lingual braces

Lingual braces vs clear aligners

1) How does lingual braces attached to my teeth differently than Invisalign? 2) Does lingual braces hurt more than Invisalign? 3) Does Invisalign move my teeth better than lingual braces? 4) Are lingual braces more expensive than Invisalign? 5) Are lingual braces faster than Invisalign? Does Invisalign work better than lingual braces?

Digital Orthodontist

Digital Orthodontist

Digital Orthodontist: An orthodontist that uses digital technology to (i) assess patient teeth and jaws, (ii) simulate the treatment plan, and (iii) execute the plan using appliances based on digital platforms.

Invisalign in Sammamish

Invisalign PORTH Sammamish

Are you Looking for Invisalign and live in Sammamish? You might have heard from a friend or seen a relative wearing Invisalign aligners. CAD/CAM technology made it easy to digitally move the teeth, 3D print simulated models and form plastics that almost fit your teeth. Slightly off plastic aligners like Invisalign push your teeth to new positions. Sequential programmed movements …

Personalized Orthodontics embracing more TeleOrthodontics Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

teledentistry in Sammamish orthodontics

The way we communicate today strongly depends on the capacities of the digital world. Living through COVID pandemic, we learned how heavily our society relies on the Internet, social media and web video-based calls to keep us connected. In this blog post, we like to share more about remote teleorthodontics with our readers.  Dentistry IQ has described tele-orthodontics (a division …