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Personalized Orthodontics embracing more TeleOrthodontics Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

teledentistry in Sammamish orthodontics

The way we communicate today strongly depends on the capacities of the digital world. Living through COVID pandemic, we learned how heavily our society relies on the Internet, social media and web video-based calls to keep us connected. In this blog post, we like to share more about remote teleorthodontics with our readers.  Dentistry IQ has described tele-orthodontics (a division …

3D Printed Clear Aligners

Sammamish Invisalign

At Porth Personalized Orthodontics, we combine our dental speciality expertise with innovative technology to provide you with high-quality dental care. We don’t just help you find the right aligner; we expertly craft it with our in-house 3D printer. We proudly serve our clients in Bellevue and Sammamish, Washington. Dr. Rooz is an industry leader in developing next-generation clear aligners to help our patients have a healthy and radiant smile.

Modern Orthodontics | Why Patients at Porth Love Digital Ortho Tech


Modern orthodontics has advanced and evolved drastically in the last two decades. The industry standard is at an all time high. Here at Personalized Orthodontics we believe that technological innovation significantly improves our patients’ experience with us. Our patients benefit from three dimensional digital systems used to better understand their orthodontic needs. They also receive unique, cutting-edge treatment options that harness the best and most efficient appliances available to build a healthy and dazzling smile.