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Porth custom made mouthguard:

  • it fits perfect

  • is comfortable and retentive

  • is affordable and costs less than other mouthguards

  • is not bulky

  • does not majorly interfere with speech and breathing

chronological age doesn't always match dental age

what people say about Porth custom mouthguards

"we cannot find a mouthguard that fit our daughter's mouth. We tried the boil and bite mouthguards from shock doctor and didn't work. We love Porth mouthguards. It is thin and fits perfect" 
- April D.

FAQs on sport mouthguards

what does a mouthguard do?

Mouthguards protect your teeth during contact and non contact sports. Football mouthguard is the most known mouthugards. Playing sports like hockey, racquetball, lacrosse, wresling, or judo, athletes are require to wear mouthguard to guard your teeth from injuries. 

The risk of trauma to athletes' teeth and gums in soccer, gymnastics and basketball is really high despite the fact that wearing a mouthguard is not a requirement in these sports.

what is the best mouthguard?

Mouthguards on the market are: 1) Prefabricated;  2) Boil and Bite;n3) Custom mouthguards.  

Sisu and shock doctor are the most common available boil and bite brands of sport mouthguards. These are great choices to guard your teeth and gums yet boil and bite mouthguards are still not fully customizable. 

when should you wear a mouthgard? 

You should wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and gums from injury during contact and non contact activities including sports. This is an essential protection approach to avoid costly dental treatment associated with injuries. Jumping on trampolin is one of these activities. This is specially important if your front teeth are flared out. Proclined teeth are more prone to injuries. 

how much is a mouthguard from dentist?

Custom fitted mouthguards are often more expensive if you purchase them from a dental clinic. 

We strive to support our community so we decided to make the Porth sport mouthguards very affordable helping kids in our community to prevent trauma to their gums and teeth playing sports.

what is the best mouthguard with braces?

Several over the counter mouthguards are designed to use while you are wearing bracses. We provide special mouthguard for you to wear when we are improvign your smile with braces. Since your teeth move during the orthodontic treatment, your mouthguard won't fit after a while and you might need more than one mouthguard. 

can I wear my clear aligners aka Invisalign instead of my mouthguard? 

No. Your aligners or Invisalign trays are not protecting your gums and teeth as a sprot mouthguard does. The thinkness and type of the plastic use in mouthguards are very different from aligners.

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