Retainer after braces

At PORTH we use cutting edge technology to fabricate your clear retainers.

Holding your teeth in place is the key to making that smile last. Retainers are the way to preserve the results of orthodontic treatment, or to maintain the current position of the teeth.

Good news; we offer both! Purchase a retainer online and we’ll see you in our clinic to get it made for you. Hold that smile!

3 simple steps to get new retainers:

  1. Purchase the retainer online.
  2. Come to one of our clinics for a scan of your teeth. (Then we 3D print your digital model and fabricate the retainers.)
  3. Pick up your brand new retainers at our clinic.

PORTH Custom Clear Retainers

* the cost includes a set of retainers for upper and lower teeth.

Digital Orthodontics
Dr. Rooz is a leading expert in digital orthodontics and uses advanced 3D technology at PORTH to provide unique experience to all his patients.
Reviews on PORTH retainers:

Best orthodontist around!! Dr. Rooz made me a retainer to replace the one I lost, and scanning my mouth took only a minute and it was a totally painless experience! I came back 2 days later and got my new retainer and 2 new cases. The retainer is so much more comfortable and lighter than the one I had previously, and the cases and much nicer. Everyone in the office was very friendly and was so helpful! They treated me like family;) 6/5 stars, highly recommend!

-Avery T.

Best Orthodontist experience! My son lost his retainer and our regular orthodontist couldn’t see my son for at least a month. Found this office and they saw my son, who was a new patient on the same week! Dr. Khosravi and his staff are so friendly and helpful. I appreciate them helping us so quickly as they did! I definitely recommend them!

-Rachelle L.


How many sets of retainers do I get?

This package includes one set of removable custom retainers for your upper and lower teeth. These are perfect to prevent your teeth from shifting even if you’ve never had braces or aligners before. 

How long do these retainers last?

Most patients maintain a set of retainers for 1-2 years, but it can vary depending on how well you care for them. Some find the retainers need replacing in as little as 6-9 months. 

Do I need to take an impression for these retainers?

No! We use our cutting-edge 3D scanning technology to quickly take a digital image of your teeth with a camera. There is no radiation and no gooey plaster to bite on. 

How quick I can get these retainers?

Your retainers will be ready for you within 1-2 days after your scan.

Can I get PORTH retainer even though I didn’t have braces or aligners at PORTH?

Yes! We are excited to see patients who are working to protect their smile and happy to help them on this journey.

Can I get PORTH retainer if I have a permanent bar/wire retainer?

Absolutely. Generally speaking, we do not recommend permanent use of wire retainers and recommend using the removable plastic type. If you do prefer to keep the one you have, we can make a plastic one that fits over it. Please ask us more at your appointment, we’d be happy to discuss the advantages of removable retainers with you.  

Are the plastic materials used in PORTH safe?

They are. 100%. We use the highest quality plastic available for use in dentistry and medicine. The PORTH aligner plastic is safe, and BPA free.

How long do I have to wear PORTH retainers?

Retainers are designed to be a life-long commitment with night-time wear at least 2-3 nights per week. Nighttime use is appropriate if you’ve never had orthodontic treatment, or if it has been more than two months since you finished it. If you notice that the retainers are very tight when you first put them in, you should wear them more often. 

Does my insurance cover the cost of PORTH clear retainers?

It may. Each insurance policy is different and some do cover retainers. We ask that you pay for the retainers in full at the time of your scan. We will then file the claim on your behalf and hope you get some reimbursement from your insurance carrier! 

Are PORTH retainers only for adults?

Nope! PORTH retainers are for kids, teens and adults.

Can I straighten my teeth with PORTH retainers?

No, they are designed to maintain the current position of your teeth. If you want minor movement, we do have options for limited treatment that helps you straighten your teeth if the problem is minor.

Can I get the same retainer from my dentist?

Yes. Ask your dentist for more information on programs that they have to maintain your teeth after removal of brackets or completion of aligner treatment.