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chronological age doesn't always match dental age


chronological age doesn't always match dental age

It doesn't matter how old you are, orthodontic treatment is beneficial to almost everyone and can be personalized to each individual and their particular oral problems and aesthetic concern at our office. Dr. Rooz, a board certified orthodontist, at Porth | Personalized Orthodontics provides a complete tailored solution for every orthodontic problem presented at the free consultation appointment for any person of any age.

Our office in Sammamish is one of the most advanced clinics in the country. Patients from Sammamish, Issaquah, Redmond, and North Bend seek treatment at our office.

We accept majority of insurance providers and provide flexible payment options. 


phase I or early treatment for children

Many parents and guardians have questions and concerns about orthodontics early in our kids' lives. Patients' Parents want to know whether our kids will need braces and if there is anything we can do to cut down on costs and make the process easier for them. Is it better to begin the process earlier than their teen years? 

Dr. Rooz and his talented and friendly staff at Porth in Sammamish like to begin to monitor your child's growth and intervene as early as age 7. This early monitoring program to prevent any problems that could occur while waiting for later complete orthodontic service. We believe in educating you and your child at our practice. Learning what to expect and look for as they progress along with a complimentary early analysis of your child's oral situation makes us apart from other offices. We can at least give you peace of mind with no admissions fee if issues aren't discovered. 

If we do discover any growth issues that we can address with orthodontics or growth modification treatment, then we can determine a recommendation to achieve exceptional outcomes. Phase I of often two rounds of aligners or treatment recommendations is an early intervention that addresses mostly dental crowding and skeletal disease.

chronological age doesn't always match dental age

the benefits of early intervention in children

Early orthodontic treatments aim to address some of the skeletal and/or dental problems to prevent irrevirsible issues in the future. It is amazing what we can achieve harnessing skeletal growth during early ages. Early braces could indirectly help with oral hygiene by eliminating crowding. Improved oral hygiene could result in fewer cavities, gingivitis. Flarred teeth are prone to trauma. At our clinic in Sammamish, we work closely with local dentists and pediatric dentists to help our young patients. We use partial brackets or removable appliances (like porth aligners) during the early treatment. An example of fixed appliances is an expander that helps with skeletal and dental problems.

Clear aligners (invisalign), habit appliances, and functional appliances are additional examples. Successful phase I treatments can prevent future extractions and even surgery that may be required before teenage orthodontic treatment. All of collected record will be reviewed by Dr. Rooz at your consultation appointment in our Sammamish clinic.

Not every child will need phase I, or early orthodontic treatment, but coming to our clinic for an easy check-up serves with multiple purposes including building a relationship with your child. We educate you to be prepared and plan for the future.



Many children start with ortho care around age Twelve. Permanent teeth mostly erupted at this point. At this point, canines may not have enough clearance to move into the arch. All of these make age 12 an approximate recommended age to address any issues with bite and aesthetic alignment. Teeth and roots are moving easily in this age. Teen are mostly ready and committed to treatment.

The natural growth of the jaw can be harnessed along with the care using glued brackets or aligners to correct any skeletal issues. These jaw bone problems would require further orthodontic treatment or corrective jaw surgery if left ignored during the dentifacial growth. The older the teenager is, the more difficult the process is on the child. If early treatment was considered unnecessary or never sought out, we suggest orthodontic care should begin between the ages of ten to fourteen for the best possible results. 

Of course, orthodontic treatment is available and beneficial to any person at any age. Teens have the same several options for their orthodontic care as adults do and each option is effective and cost-efficient. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the problem.


chronological age doesn't always match dental age

Many adults, and more and more each year, seek professional orthodontic care for many reasons. Maybe you didn't feel you needed them, or maybe your parents couldn't afford them when you were children, and now you do. It doesn't matter anymore. There's no shame in fun business of wanting a better smile or wanting to decrease the wear and tear on your teeth due to misalignment.

Correct orthodontic care can prevent tooth and bone loss and prevent any future problems. A beautiful smile is not a wasted smile. It's an increase in confidence, along with better oral health, and improved dental care as a whole. There's no shame in that game.


Personalized Orthodontics in Sammamish creates individual plans for each person and gives multiple options to chose so we quickly and efficiently build confident smiles. After a thorough clinical evaluation, we will recommend various plans to choose of. Our patients are all different as our treatment plans. We offer multiple appliances including Porth aligners, invisalign, convetioanl braces and lingual braces.

Traditional Braces

Traditional metal or ceramic braces are always a  popular option for teens and many adults wear them as well. They come in the traditional silver color, gold, and clear ceramic and you can choose with are more aesthetically pleasing to you. These are the perfect choice for larger problems, such as crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, and any other problems with the jaw and bite that clear aligners cannot fix. 

Kids and adults can personalize these visible braces with the colors of their school or favorite sports team. Porth orthodontic professionals can decorate ceramic braces with special themes and holiday designs. Even if you want to keep them as understated as possible, clear wires are available and the newer brackets are much smaller than they used to be.

Clear Aligner Therapy

Clear aligners (also referred as Invisalign) are a popular choice for people who want to straighten their teeth. Clear aligner therapy was one of the very successful innovation in dentistry. We offer our customized Porth Clear Aligners created in-house along with Invisalign. We use cutting edge technology driven by the artificial intelligence to create our next generation aligners. Porth aligners allow us to provide high quality care combined with exceptional patient experience. Dr. Rooz is one of leading orthodontists in 3D printing and in-house aligner fabrication.

The possibility to remove your clear aligners make it easier to maintain excellent oral health during your treatment. You can remove your aligners (Invisalign trays) to eat, brush your teeth and floss, then you can put them right back in. The cool thing about aligner therapy is that it is hard to tell you are wearing them unless from a close view. They fit closely over your teeth and are programmed to move your teeth incrementally. 

In order for Invisalign or clear aligners to work you have to wear the aligners eighteen to twenty-two hours a day. Hygiene is extremely important with the aligners. If you do not brush your teeth before wearing them for an extended time, cavities may be inevitable as food will be stuck to your teeth and covered by your trays.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth so that no one can see them. If you are sensitive about how other people will view your teeth and you are not intersted in clear aligners (invisalign) and its associated challanges of full time wear, then lingual braces may be for you. They are truly invisible and extremly powerful to address moderate to very complex orthodontic problems.

They are more comfortable than they seem and are hassle-free. Unlike clear aligners, there is nothing to lose and misplace. You can clean them like traditional braces but they can cause some tongue discomfort. The creation of these braces and the process you will go through is just as high-tech and efficient as any other option and they are the only true invisible braces.

Our clinic in Sammamish is one very few offices in greater Seattle that provide comprehenisve lingual treatment. Trust us when we say this. We won't change your mind and give you Invisalign.

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