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3D Printed Clear Aligners

BY Dr. Rooz

Porth 3D Printed Clear Aligners 

At Porth Personalized Orthodontics, we combine our dental speciality expertise with innovative technology to provide you with high-quality dental care. We don’t just help you find the right aligner; we expertly craft it with our in-house 3D printer. We proudly serve our clients in Bellevue and Sammamish, Washington. Dr. Rooz is an industry leader in developing next-generation clear aligners to help our patients have a healthy and radiant smile.

Why Choose Next Generation Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a brilliant alternative to traditional metal braces. Clear aligners gently guide teeth into proper alignment via a series of customized dental aligners. The aligners are clear plastic trays that fit snugly against the teeth and apply gentle, yet effective pressure. The pressure applied to the teeth guide the teeth into the correct position. Clear aligners are removable, which makes for more natural eating and brushing. Clear aligners need to be worn at least 22 hours a day to achieve the maximum benefit. Advances in 3D printing allow us to fabricate aligners at our clinic which provide exceptional options for our patients.

3D Printed Personalized Aligners

Dr. Rooz has extensive knowledge of orthodontics and published multiple studies including one in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics – the highest ranked journal in the field of orthodontics. He developed the Porth Clear Aligner system- an innovative and successful method of creating customized clear aligners utilizing advances in technology and 3D printing. We start by taking a digital scan of your teeth. Next, we use advanced software driven by AI to digitize the teeth and develop the ideal position for your teeth. Then we create a series of customized clear aligners that will gradually move your teeth into the desired position.

Benefits of 3D Printed Aligners

At Porth, we make our clear aligners in-house using a 3D printer. Creating the aligners in-house means you receive your custom made dental aligners faster; there is no need for us to send your dental impressions elsewhere for your aligner to be made by a third party company. In-house 3D printing cuts out the middle man, which results in a lower cost for you. 

Clear aligners and lingual braces are an exceptional alternative to traditional braces. 3D printed aligners are the next-generation of dental aligners.