Dental Insurance for Orthodontic Treatment

One of first questions that we are asked during the initial consultation is about insurance plans coverage of orthodontic treatments. When it comes to braces or aligner treatment (Invisalign), insurance companies cover a portion of the treatment cost; a percentage and maximum amount for most of the insurance providers.

In the majority of situations, the coverage under a health plan is the same for in-network providers, preferred providers or out of network providers.

Therefore, it’s important for you to identify the right orthodontist and dental practice and know that most PPO dental plans cover the same for clear aligners or braces treatment cost to fix malocclusion.

Premera Blue Cross

The Microsoft dental insurance policy is covered by blue cross blue shield. Compared to other insurance policies like cigna, aetna, metlife or regence, Microsoft coverage for orthodontia services around Bellevue, Redmond, and Seattle is fantastic- $2500 for the most policies.

After we discuss Microsoft, it’s only logical to move onto Amazon! Amazon dental insurance is provided through Delta Dental of Washington state and covers around $2000 for orthodontic treatment.

It is important to note that orthodontic coverage is a lifetime benefit. Therefore, new patients won’t be eligible for the full coverage if they have used their benefit for retainers or other orthodontic related services such as early braces.

Overview of insurance benefits in dentistry

Navigating dental benefits of your insurance can sound overwhelming. For the most part, dental insurance policies are similar to health insurances in that they cover part of the treatment and the patient is responsible for the out of pocket portion or deductible.

However, despite a high rate of coverage under medical plans, dental plans have limited coverage. This includes preventative dental services are covered by the healthcare plans. Cosmetic dentistry, however, as well as extensive dental care are services that patients have to pay for. Most dental offices provide incentives for these dental treatments.

See How Much Treatment May Cost

Treatment costs will vary by individual, complexity, and on your choices for treatment
Lower your monthly cost by making a down payment.
Insurance plans may cover up to $3500 of orthodontic treatment.
Save by putting up to $2500 of your pretax dollars toward treatment
Lower your monthly cost by extending the length of payments
Estimated Monthly Payments