Do my teeth become sensitive with clear aligners?

BY Dr. Rooz

Can clear aligner or invisalign treatment cause sensitive teeth and impact my oral health?

One of the new experience for patients going through aligner treatment is having sensitivity in their teeth. Does Invisalign hurt is a common question we hear everyday.

Here you can learn more on teeth sensitivity during the treatment especially switching to new aligners. The magnitude of soreness is an impact of how much we are moving your teeth. Severely crooked teeth become more sensitive. With all these discomfort, you can talk to your orthodontist and you can often get away with simple over-the-counter pain relief medication. You should consult with the instructions on the medication.

The pain with clear aligners or invisalign aligners are similar to traditional braces (metal braces or ceramic braces). This discomfort is a function of moving your teeth to straightening them as well as getting use to the appliances. Over the counter pain relievers are easy to help you manage pain during your orthodontic treatment. Biting on Chewies (a silicone cylinder) can also help to reduce pain. 

Your teeth could also be sensitive you if you are using whitening gels with your aligner trays or retainers.