What are clear aligners?

Orthodontists use various form of appliances for tooth movement. Clear aligners are soft plastic trays fitting your teeth and moving them incrementally. 

What are aligner seaters?

Aligner seaters like chewies, clenchy, mint or alternative brands help improve the aligner fit. Clear aligner treatment also known as invisalign treatment sometime need extra help to move the teeth. Invisalign aligner or other brand of aligner get some airgaps when they don’t completely fit the teeth.

How often should I use aligner seaters? 

Patients are recommended to use chewies for optimal tooth movement 5-8 times a day about 2 minutes each. Cotton roll can be to push the aligner trays acting like an aligner seater. 

It is important to use aligner seaters especially for the first 1-3 days of a new set of aligners. Too much using invisalign aligner seater can result in pain in TMJ (jaw joint).

What are the different types of aligner seaters?

Aligner seaters or invisalign chewies can come with various colors and flavors (e.g., bubblegum) or white unscented silicone (styrene copolymer). Movemints are also an alternative option to fit the aligners.

Aligner tray seaters have various design, some of them actually have the aligner removal tool as well.

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