PORTH aligners are Invisalign Alternatives powered by artificial intelligence and full control of your orthodontist

Next Generation of Clear Aligners

Are you …

Looking for a quick easy way to straighten your teeth?

Wanting to improve your smile?

Noticing that your teeth have shifted, either over time or because you’re not wearing your retainers?

Interested in a more advanced yet affordable good alternative clear aligners to Invisalign?

The PORTH Aligners were designed to address all of these while avoiding traditional metal braces. Our cutting-edge clinic offers clear aligner therapy (also known as Invisalign) which is clear, advanced, and fast.


What are options alternative to braces? 

Orthodontists use multiple appliances to straighten teeth and correct the bite. Alternative to braces appliances is commonly know as Invisalign aligners (aka invisalign braces). The Invisalign appliance is one kind of clear aligner system on the market. Alternative to invisalign are customized in-house aligners, ClearCorrect aligners, Suresmile aligners, 3M clarity, and other brands of clear aligners. 

Some patients are looking for an alternative to tradistional bracses that are attached on front surfaces of the teeth yet are not intersted in challenges associated with invisalign aligner trays or in general clear plastic aligners. Ligual braces that bonds behind your teeth are the unqiue and truly invisible options for you if you are in this camp of patients. 

What is SmileDirectClub?

Oral health has changed significantly in the last decades. Advancements in technology and improvements in tele-medicine impacted the traditional braces orthodontic care. Smile Direct Club or SDC was the first company the offers aligner treatment (Invisalign like) orthodontic care through mail services. The process starts with an impression kit.

After you send you records, the company provides you with a treatment plan and you will receive your clear aligners when you approve the care. The main incentive for SDC type treatment is cheap price with multiple payment plans. Candid and byte are other similar products on the market.

There are success and major problems have been reported on social media. We don’t encourage people in our community reach out to such services but we understand the appeal. Consult with us to learn more if you are interested in more information.

What are other Invisalign alternatives?
How about DIY/mail order clear aligners used to straighten teeth at home?

We have seen irreversible damage resulting from mail order clear aligners alternative to braces, which are also referred to as DIY orthodontics, when patients have attempted to straighten their teeth on their own.

We never want anyone in our community to experience this. These box orthodontics options are one of cheaper clear alternative to Invisalign solution on the market to straight your teeth without direct supervision. We strongly recommend that straightening teeth is done by a professional.

That said, we know there is an challenges associated with Invisalign. So, we designed a clear alternative treatment to Invisalign, which is safe, invisible, and cost-effective, and made locally to meet our patients’ interests and needs.

What are PORTH clear aligners?

Dr. Rooz Khosravi at PORTH offer a modern alternative to Invisalign package to his patients. PORTH is an innovative modern clinic where patients benefit from the application of cutting edge technology in their orthodontic care. We are offering modern digital orthodontics to all ages.

Dr. Rooz is a leading expert in custom in-house aligner fabrication. He has deep understanding of aligner therapy and is a scientist consultant with multiple companies that are pushing the boundaries of aligner treatment. 

PORTH aligners are next generation aligners that helps our patients with less office visits, more comfort, and ultimately a personalized orthodontic care. We use digital impressions to fabricate PORTH aligners.

Dr. Rooz uses Porth aligners to correct simple or complex cases of malocclusion – overbite or underbite. You often don’t need to wait couple of weeks to get your aligners after the 3d scan of your teeth. Full control on the design and fabrication of PORTH aligners allows us to offer a high quality to notch care to all of our patients. We combine PORTH aligners with clear braces, lingual braces (invisible braces), or traditional braces to maximize the efficiency of these appliances. Aligners like braces have pros and cons.

PORTH aligners are the best Invisalign alternative appliances. We believe that we can offer you a more superior care with PORTH aligners. 

PORTH clear aligners

Will my insurance cover the cost of clear aligners that are alternative to Invisalign?

Short answer is most likely your insurance covers cost of the Invisalign appliance, alternative to Invisalign, or alternative to braces monthly payments. The insurance companies most of the time cover the costs of orthodontic treatment independent of the appliance of choice – braces or clear aligners. The majority of dental insurance plans include orthodontic treatment benefits. The insurance policies often partially cover the cost of clear aligners. At Porth, we are in-network with some insurance companies.

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any question about your insurance coverage for alternative to braces treatment options and are looking at the best payment options and flexible down payment to cover your treatment cost. Our clinics in Sammamish and Bellevue offers next generation of clear aligners.