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About Orthodontics


Orthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that focuses on the prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. Orthodontists promote oral health by targeting issues like malocclusion, improper jaw alignment, crooked teeth, spacing, missing teeth and crowded teeth. By treating some of the underlying orthodontic problems that lead to tooth decay and tooth loss, orthodontists help their patients maintain healthy teeth and gums as well as boost their confidence with a beautiful smile.


Orthodontic appliances like clear plastic aligners (commonly known as Invisalign), metal brackets, or lingual braces, work by slowly and constantly moving teeth into a proper position until they are aligned. Conventional braces can be made of metal, ceramic, or plastic, and some are practically invisible. In some cases, seeing an orthodontist for preventative diagnosis and care can help avoid more costly dental procedures later.

Treatment for All Ages


kids sammamish orthodontist

Early intervention (phase I) for kids ages 6 to 11

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teen sammamish orthodontist

Treatment for growing teens aged 11 to 15

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adult sammamish orthodontist

Aesthetic options that fit your lifestyle for ages 16+

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Customizable, Personalized Solutions for Your Lifestyle

At PORTH Personalized Orthodontics, Dr. Rooz can help you make a decision about the best treatment option for you and your lifestyle. Every patient is unique and deserves special attention throughout the process, in order to achieve the best results and experience possible.

Finding the right solution and orthodontist to administer your orthodontic treatment can make a world of difference for your smile.

We 3D-Print Your Orthodontic Appliances In-Office

We use state of the art 3D printers that allow us to fabricate high precision, top quality orthodontic care. There’s no biting on gooey plaster at PORTH. Our 3D X-ray and facial scanners quickly take a digital image of your teeth in order to collect precise records from our patients. 

Best of all, we 3D print your orthodontic appliances (clear aligners, retainers or mouthguards) using the finest quality material, and it’s all ready for you the same day! We also use customized robotic bend archwires to achieve high precision in our results.

Popular Treatments for Kids

Our Approach to Treating Kids

Choosing the Best time to start treatment

The American Association of Orthodontists encourages parents to take their child to see an orthodontist by the age of 7 for an initial examination. Rest assured, Dr. Rooz does not believe in over-treating children. We’ll monitor your child and determine the right time to intervene.

Phased Treatment

Two phase treatment allows orthodontists to correct dental problems while a kid transitions between baby teeth and adult teeth. Managing space for adult teeth to replace baby teeth is critical. 

Successful early treatment in kids addresses structural problems that would otherwise require teeth extractions or surgery, which can become more complicated with age. Early treatment also helps protect flared upper front teeth from injuries mostly leading in tooth fracture.

growth modifcation

Orthodontists can redirect skeletal growth in children using early treatment. An expander on upper teeth is an example of orthodontic treatment that fixes a small upper jaw. Reverse pull headgear (facemask) is another example. 

Most skeletal issues can result in misalignment in teeth or sometimes in the bite. Habits like thumb sucking can adversely impact growth of upper and lower jaws or disrupt developing straight teeth.

Common Problems We Treat

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PORTH Clear Aligners

For all ages

Patients' Experience with Porth Clear Aligners

Porth Clear Aligners vs. INVISALIGN

PORTH clear aligners are the next generation clear aligners to the traditional Invisalign appliance.

3D Printed on-site

PORTH Clear Aligners are designed and 3D printed on-site based on a digital simulation of teeth in their ideal positions. Our 3D printers use only the finest quality materials.

Ready in hours,
not weeks

You will be able to start your treatment as soon as possible.  PORTH Clear Aligners are ready the same day as your appointment, instead of the 4-6 week production time for Invisalign appliances.


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Start a virtual consultation today or schedule an in-person appointment at our Sammamish or Bellevue clinic. Your first free appointment includes recommendations for orthodontic treatment.

What should you expect at your first appointment?

After you check in, one of our orthodontic assistants will perform an oral examination by taking a digital scan of your mouth to evaluate the position of your teeth and bite with our 3D scanning software. Then, Dr. Rooz will review your scans and dental history and medical conditions, and devise a treatment plan.

Dr. Rooz will review your treatment options with you or your guardian, and together you’ll create a personalized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle. Once you’ve chosen a course of treatment, our coordinator will review financing options that maximizes any dental benefits and will help create a payment plan that works for you.

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Common Treatments

We are excited to be a part of your perfect smile journey. We love to work with families as they explore best options for their child’s treatment, as well as adults looking to improve their smiles.


Gapped teeth

Narrow arches

Deep overbite

space management for dental implants



Edge-to-edge bites

Jaw bone problems 

Treatment Options

The treatments we offer are unique, advanced and based on scientific evidence. We believe that your journey to improve your smile should be transparent and individually tailored based on your expectations, interests, lifestyle, and financial needs.

Clear aligners


Lingual & conventional braces

Corrective jaw surgery


Palate expanders

Bite correction

Sleep breathing disorders






After you finish with your orthodontic care and your teeth are straight, you will receive a clear, removable, plastic appliance called a retainer. You will wear these retainers full time in the beginning, and later you may only wear them at night. This ensures your teeth stay in their ideal position, maintaining the perfect smile you worked so hard to achieve.

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Everyone should wear a mouthguard while playing contact and non-contact sports to protect their teeth and gums from injury. Mouthguards can provide protection and help avoid costly dental treatment associated with injuries.

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Start a virtual consultation today or schedule an in-person appointment at our Sammamish or Bellevue clinic. Your first free appointment includes recommendations for orthodontic treatment.