PORTH Custom Clear Retainers


Holding your teeth in place is the key to making your smile last. We offer our patients a set of removable custom retainers for the upper and lower teeth. These are perfect to prevent your teeth from shifting even if you’ve never had braces or aligners before. 


At PORTH we use cutting edge technology to fabricate your clear retainers. We use our cutting-edge 3D scanning technology to quickly take a digital image of your teeth with a camera. There is no x-ray and no gooey plaster to bite on. Your retainers will be ready for you within 1-2 days after your scan.


Retainers are the best way to preserve the work of orthodontic treatment, or to maintain the current position of the teeth.

Finest plastic and most advanced 3d Printing technology

3D x-rays and scanners precisely capture every detail of our patients

State of the art 3D printing technology results in high precision models

High-quality materials are used in our 3D printing process

3D Printed in-house for same-day pickup

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