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Adult Orthodontics

Adult orthodontic treatment has evolved significantly, offering a range of different options tailored to adult lifestyles and needs. Today, treatments like Invisalign, known for their almost an invisible treatment choice, provide a discreet yet effective solution for adults conscious about the appearance of traditional braces.

Clear aligners are not the only option for adult patients. Lingual braces offered at PORTH is an alternative to Invisalign.

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment goes beyond cosmetic improvements, addressing dental health concerns to build a functional and esthetic occlusion. Whether it's Invisalign or braces behind the teeth, adults now have access to treatments that align with their expectations of comfort, invisibility, and efficiency.


Effectiveness of Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Adult orthodontic patients needs for treatment various ranging from minor crowding of central incisors to class III malocclusion with skeletal anomalies, missing molars, or deep overbite. In adult patients undergo orthodontic care alveolar bone and gingival tissue doesn’t remodel as quickly as adolescents.


Adult orthodontic treament focuses on the chief complaint of the patient along with other needs of the treatment like periodontal therapy including soft-tissue grafts some time. A healthy periodontium (alveolar bone and gum around the teeth) is critial for modifing the dentition to address discrepancies in teeth position or jaw positions (maxillary and mandibular bones).

Adult patients is specific about orthodontic appliances they accept for orthodontic tooth movement. Esthetic and efficiency of care is on top of the list.


Here are common appliances that Dr. Rooz provide to adult patients for orthodontic therapy.


Invisalign is common term referring to clear aligner therapy. Aligner treatment works through a series of plastic tray incrementally moving your teeth. For example, an over-roated lateral incisor (upper front tooth) needs 20 aligner tray to incrementally create orthodontic tooth movements at the rate of 200 micorns. Aligner therapy is a common choice for orthodontic treatment of adults.

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Lingual Braces

Braces behind the teeth, lingual braces, is the choice for adult patients interested in a non-tradiational metal braces on their teeth and not interested in challanges associated with aligner therapy - 22 hours wearing the aligners and the routine of maintainig the aligners.

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Customized Digital Braces

This is a unique treatment option for adult patients with a complex orthodontic treatment often combine with prosthodontic rehabilitation (multiple dental implants, managing periodontal disease). The advantage of custom digital braces - which looks like the traditional metal braces - is having a custom wire delivering orthodontic tooth movement based on a digital treatment plan. This treatment option could be delivered by any brackets including ceramic braces. The custom wire in this appliance is created by robots. The final tooth position is designed by the orthodontist and various wires with different range of activation in the anterior teeth or single tooth increamentally move the teeth to the final position.

Independent of type of orthodontic appliances, you would need a retainer and regular oral hygiene to maintain your oral health, avoid gum disease and tooth decay.


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Orthodontist offering adult interdisciplinary Approach

Part of adult orthodontics is interdisciplinary care where multiple dental specialists - prosthodontic, periodontics, and oral surgeon - collaborate to deliver complex treatment that includes placement of dental implants, replacing missing teeth, jaw surgery, patient with major bone loss, managing patients with sleep breathing disorders. A multidisciplinary team deliver a better quality of care. An A successful interdisciplinary treatment planning requires a well synced operation among numerous dental clinics. Treatment goals in an interdisciplinary team (various specialties) orient approach are unified as opposed to multiple providers offering treatment goals based on their lense and based on unidisciplinary treatment options.

Dr. Rooz Khosravi is an associate professor of orthodontics and the director of the interdisciplinary seminar series and clinic at the department of orthodontics, University of Washington in Seattle. He collaborate with various dental specialists and general dentists to render offer unique complex interdisciplinary orthodontic treatment to the Issaquah community. PORTH, a state-of the art, orthodontic office, with two locations in Sammamish and Bellevue is designed to this end.

Part of adult interdisciplinary treatment is orthodontic care with orthognathic surgery (correcctive jaw surgery). Advancements in surgical treatment options now offers jaw surgery with other than metal brackets like removable aligners. Yes your jaws won’t be shut down after surgery. Treatment time for most of this ortho and jaw surgery combined treatment plan is around two years. The main factor in sucess of orthognathic surgery is collaboration of a skilled oral surgeon with the orthodontist.

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Adult Orthodontic Services near Issaquah

Many orthodontists in Issaquah offer orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces or Invisalign. Orthodontic treatment approach for patients of all ages are different. Adult orthodontic treatment could be done with the same approach for adolescents for certain adult patients. More and more adults are seeking care and some require complex interdisciplinary orthodontic treatment. The American association of orthodontists reports 1 out of adult patients are in orthodontic treatment.


At PORTH, Dr. Rooz has helped numerous patients seeking high quality care to address their jaw problems, achive a beautiful smile and rebuilt self-confidence.


If you are an adult patient looking for near issaquah orthodontic services, we offer free consultation. In this first visit to our clinics in Sammamish and Bellevue we talk to you about orthodontic treatment options with various appliances (invisalign, clear braces, etc) and collaborate with your other providers to deliver next levels of dentistry in our community. We are specialized to build new smiles.

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What Our Patients Have To say


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Start a virtual consultation today or schedule an in-person appointment at our Sammamish or Bellevue clinic. Your first free appointment includes recommendations for orthodontic treatment.

PORTH Patient Experiences

Dr. Rooz performs miracles. My teeth have been a challenge as an adult, I would never smile for pictures and I was so self conscious. Dr. Rooz explained every step and procedure and he is very responsive. I would recommend him to my family and friends. He is a caring , personalized, and very passionate at what does. Thank you Dr. Rooz and everyone that made my beautiful smile.

Yoli G.

I love porth! I have been getting treatment with them for over a year now and they are amazing! They are very flexible with my work schedule. They take time to really get to know me and they are every welcoming. They are very affordable and are willing to work with you for everything!

Shira N.

Dr. Rooz, Elly, and the entire staff at Porth are absolutely wonderful. They really go above and beyond to provide the best possible service. We have experienced orthodontic services from a variety of providers over the years with our 3 kids and Dr. Rooz is by far the best. Cannot recommend him enough!

Trista O.

Dr. Rooz and his team at Porth take care of the orthodontics treatment for two of my kids. We are very happy with the treatment and the support provided. For a mom of young kids, it is important to get immediate help in case of any dental concerns. The team at Porth has always responded immediately, accommodating appointments at very short notice.
The staff is very friendly, patient and knowledgeable and eager to assist. I highly recommend Porth.

Anjushree R.

Dr. Rooz and the entire staff at Porth is absolutely amazing! Both my kids are in their care and I cannot say enough good things about the level of care we have been receiving from both a professional and personal standpoint. They truly go above and beyond. My daughter just ended her journey and we couldn’t be happier with the results. She is very proud of her beautiful and healthy smile! We would not trust anyone else for our family and we highly recommend Dr. Rooz and his amazing team.

Silvia A.

What an amazing experience my daughter had at the Porth Orthodontic.
She was happy all the way through her treatment with expanders. Everyone was nice right from the reception and Kelli was exceptionally well and made sure everything went well! Rachel was awesome too ! Thanks again
Highly recommended!!!

Ranjeesh K.