A head-turning smile comes from the confidence behind it. Since that means white and bright for many people, we’re pleased to offer professional whitening.

Why Professional Whitening?

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With professional whitening, you can stop wasting money and time on over the counter whitening products that have minimal or short-lived results. 

We use a stronger solution to tackle stains that drug store alternatives simply cannot match. Under the care of a medical professional, you’ll get a uniform, natural-looking shade across all of your teeth that lasts up to 6 months. 

The best part? You’ll be ready to look in the mirror and see your most vibrant smile in just 1 hour. 

So wave goodbye to hours spent with messy gel strips stuck to your teeth, and say hello to the most efficient solution for a long lasting, radiant smile.

What to Expect During Your Whitening Appointment

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During your one hour long appointment, Dr. Rooz will evaluate your teeth and their existing stains to determine what can and cannot be lifted by professional whitening. 


Next, a tray filled with medical grade whitening solution will be placed over your teeth for 30-60 minutes, depending on your teeth’s sensitivity level. Bring a book or catch up on emails while upgrading your smile! 


Last but not least, Dr. Rooz will take digital scans of your teeth to fabricate a customized, 3-D printed tray as part of your at-home “booster” kit to maintain your new smile between sessions. 

Cost and What’s Included

As with all our treatments, we strive to offer our patients as many options as possible to help you achieve your smile goals at a comfortable price point.

One-Time Whitening Treatment


One In-Clinic Whitening Session

One At-Home “Booster” Kit to maintain your results at home

Payment options

One-time payment

Annual Whitening Subscription


Two In-Clinic Whitening Sessions

Two At-Home “Booster” Kits to maintain your results at home

Payment options

One-time payment

Monthly payment plan


Here’s What Some Of Our Patients
Have To Say About Their Whitening Experience

I’ve always been self-conscious about the color of my teeth but didn’t know how to navigate the aisles at target for the best products. When I learned Dr. Rooz at PORTH was doing professional whitening at the clinic I was so happy because the guess work was done for me! My favorite part was the take-home set and trays so I can do a little boost for when it’s time to shed the masks and go out in the world again!

Allen L.

As an avid coffee and tea drinker, my teeth can always use a little zazzle with some whitening. This is why I love the annual subscription for whitening at PORTH! I’m getting the benefit of high tech whitening twice a year, then “touch ups” to take home. I love this system and recommend it to anyone.

Sara l.

I finished my treatment at PORTH and was so thrilled with the position of my teeth, but wanted an extra something. I went for the in-clinic whitening and was so excited with the results! Much more noticeable than I thought they would be, and added the *pop* I was hoping for my new smile. I was surprised to find it was pretty painless, and no sensitivity later.

Maddie C.