chronological age doesn't always match dental age
To our patients & their families - 
Thank you for visiting this page where we can update you on Porth's protocol during this time and share some helpful information.
Late last week we reached out to those of you who had appointments scheduled in the coming weeks to let you know those are postponed until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and patience throughout that wave! Since then Governor Inslee has issued a hold on dental/orthodontic services through May 18th and soon we are subject to the Stay at Home order till April 4th, 2020. We are completely supportive of and committed to following this order for the well being of everyone in our community and we know you share this sentiment. 
Per the order of Governor Inslee, we are not operating clinic at this time. We are committed to finding alternative ways to stay connected, advise you on your treatment, and be readily available when it is safe and appropriate to do so. 
First and foremost, we remain available to you during this time via phone, text or email. We are here to address questions related to your treatment or logistics. Please send questions or photos via text so Dr. Rooz can take a look and we can trouble shoot any pesky wires, etc. We will be available for urgent matters - if you are in pain or unable to eat/talk/etc. as a result of an broken appliance - and will make arrangements with you to handle that. 
When we are able to resume appointments we will contact you ASAP to reschedule missed appointments and resume treatment. Any extensions on treatment time will not impact the fee or payment plan that is in place at this time.
Further, in an effort to reschedule, we will open additional days and times for all patients and those of you with the Basic plan will have access to all available appointments. 
We implemented virtual check ins for those of you with appliances or aligners.  We really appreciate your understanding and patience as we are a small team operating with limited capacity at the moment.
At this point we are planned to back into normal operation on May 18th based on the government recommendations.  
Just a few quick reminders... 
  • ALL PATIENTS should be maintaining oral hygiene. The same rules apply during quarantine! 
  • ALIGNER PATIENTS may soon run out of aligners, so stay in the last set for the time being! We are looking forward to picking up *just* where we left off, don't back track on us! 
  • BRACES/APPLIANCE PATIENTS should continue to avoid the off limits foods to keep appliances in tip top shape and let things stay as is. 
ALL patients should schedule a virtual appointment at or around the time of your regularly scheduled appointment so that Dr. Rooz can keep track of your progress and update your chart. This will help us know what you need when in-person treatment resumes. If you don't remember when your appointment is scheduled, text the clinic and Elly will help you.
We are thinking of you all and hope you are healthy. Please don't hesitate to reach out at anytime! 
Stay safe, 
Dr. Rooz, Elly & the Porth team 

Two choices to help us monitor the progress of your treatment

Option 1)

text us some photos following this video and Dr. Rooz will follow up with you with an instruction on how to proceed. 

Option 2)

book a virtual check-in appointment with us and we will follow up with you with instruction on what to do prior to the appointment  

Select the best time in our real-time calendar that works for you and is close to your previously scheduled appointment.