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Highly recommeded

My experience at Porth was fantastic! The office is absolutely stunning, with a very modern design and open feel. Dr. Khosravi and his staff are so kind and accommodating – even for a busy student like myself! I love the way that my smile looks and am so happy with the outcome of my Invisalign treatment. Dr. Khosravi is an excellent teacher and he spent time with me answering all of my questions and helping me to understand the process of orthodontic treatment. All of the fees and payments were well-explained to me and were very manageable. I would 100% recommend Porth to anyone who needs orthodontic treatment, whether they are a kid just starting out, someone who needs small revisions to previous treatment (like myself), or even adults who are looking to improve their smile. Thank you Dr. Khosravi and everyone at Porth!

Stephanie C.

Rooz is a wonderful man and an excellent orthodontist. My care was top notch in every way and I would certainly return if I ever had the need. As a physician I know how challenging it is to couple the science and the personal aspects of caring for people. Rooz does this better than anyone that I know.

Martin M.

Reviews Before & After

Reviews Before & After

Dr. Rooz was great throughout my treatment. He communicated well and was always available to address any concerns or questions. I am very happy with the results of the orthodontist treatment. He also helped me by coordinating with a restorative specialist. I appreciate his work and good attitude.

Adam C.

Love Dr. Rooz i have worked with him, had my braces done by him and now my son is in treatment with him!!! Best Orthodontist very friendly and experienced! I refer all my friends and family to him!!

Heather M.

Reviews Before & After

Dr. Rooz Khosravi (Porth Orthodontist in Sammamish) is an amazing orthodontist. His clinic has flexible hours to accommodate the school schedules. It is close to Skyline High School and right behind the Metropolitan Market in Sammamish which is super convenient for us. The clinic is fairly new and it has the most up-to-date technology (i.e., 3-D).

Dr. Rooz really invests time in getting to know his patients and their needs. Our experience has been very personalized. He and his staff are super professional, responsive, and pleasant to interact with. He personally checked in with us a couple of days after my daughter got her braces in to see how she was doing. That exceeded my expectation!

In addition, Dr. Rooz is very invested in our community and in sharing his passion of science and technology with students in the district. He is working with Gibson Ek High School to host an intern at his clinic and is attending the district’s STEMPosium event to showcase the 3-D technology with students. Dr. Rooz is also an Assistant Professor at UW’s Department of Orthodontics.

He is not only a great orthodontist, but an incredible human being! Go see him and support his business!

May G.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Khosravi! The convenience of scheduling appointments online as well as his wide range of availability made the scheduling process so easy. I also appreciated that I was able to complete and submit all of the paperwork electronically before the first visit, it was so nice to have nothing to fill out when we arrived.

The appointment itself was very helpful and thorough and I was really impressed with the technology that Dr. Khosravi uses. It helped us understand in a very clear way what was going on with our daughter’s teeth and what next steps we needed to take.

It was impressive to see all of Dr. Khosravi’s degrees hanging in the consultation room and his level of knowledge was apparent as he provided so much clear and reasoned information after seeing our daughter only once. He answered all of our questions, gave us referrals for outside follow up and went above and beyond to include us in care planning and make us feel comfortable with the process. He personally emailed regarding referrals and questions.

In addition to all of this, Dr. Khosravi’s office staff was attentive, friendly and helpful and the office space was gorgeous–brand new and beautifully decorated. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and I highly recommend Dr. Khosravi.

Margaret M.

Reviews Before & After

Reviews Before & After

I haven’t finished my treatment yet with Dr. Khosravi, but I wanted to share a review per the consultation experience. As I’m sure any potential customer has experienced: it is a daunting and frustrating journey to find an orthodontist who is not only covered under your medical insurance, but is responsive and open to the many questions a new patient may have. I wasn’t looking for an in-and-out consultation, but a comprehensive discussion of my treatment. I left my consultation feeling confident that the end result would not only be what I needed from an oral health perspective, but knowing that I could put trust in the transparent treatment process. I absolutely recommend Porth Orthodontics.

Hayley B.

Reviews Before & After
Reviews Before & After

Dr. Rooz performs miracles. My teeth have been a challenge as an adult, I would never smile for pictures and I was so self conscious. Dr. Rooz explained every step and procedure and he is very responsive. I would recommend him to my family and friends. He is a caring , personalized, and very passionate at what does. Thank you Dr. Rooz and everyone that made my beautiful smile.

Yoli G.

Dr. Rooz really goes above & beyond for his patients! He’s friendly, generous, & stands out as an expert in his field! I’d recommend anyone seeking orthodontic care to see him!

Madi K.

I worked with Dr. Rooz throughout my entire treatment. It was great to work with a doctor who I really trusted and was so concerned with my having a good experience. As an adult going through orthodontic treatment, I really appreciated the extra effort he made to reassure me about the process and explain the treatment along the way. I would highly recommend Dr. Rooz and his practice!

Hannah L.

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