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Pediatric dentistry

Similar to adults, kids need regular visits to dentists. A family dentist could take care of regular dental treatment for kids. Yet a pediatric dentists is specialized in managing kids. These dental specialists have extra training on pediatric dentistry.

Specialized oral health and dental care for children include a combination of behavioral management and unique dental procedures related to kids of primary (baby) teeth.

When it comes to orthodontic needs, a pediatric dentist inform the parents about orthodontic treatment for children. They could refer you to an orthodontist or you can find an orthodontist near you.

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Orthodontists like pediatric dentists are dentists who are specialized (three extra year of training in orthodontics) in moving teeth and managing abnormalities of facial and jaw bones.

Orthodontic treatment options could be categorized into three class based on the patient age. Treatment plans that mostly focus on jaw growth (crossbite) and dental eruption of child’s teeth are for kids. This is mostly addressing baby teeth.

Orthodontic care for teens are often addressing crooked teeth, crossbite, deep overbite, underbite, molars malocclusion (bite issues). Most people think of orthodontic treatment as traditional braces for teenagers. Majority of permanent teeth are erupted at this point of life.

Orthodontic treatment for adults are in different nature. Adult patients also seeking orthodontic care for different reasons. Lean more about adult orthodontics.

Two-phases of orthodontic treatment

Some not all kids need two round of orthodontic treatment. The early braces would help with skeletal changes like an upper jaw expander or to provide accessibility to space for adult teeth to erupt.

Phase two focus on addressing more orthodontic problems like deep bite or miss positioned molars.

Early orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment for children is also called early orthodontic treatment. The treatment time for early braces or phase one is mostly limited to one year. Orthodontic problem of early age are like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, crossbite, smaller upper jaw, or lack of space for front teeth.

Child needs & orthodontic problems

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends starting orthodontic checkups around the age 7. These often free orthodontic consultation include a 3D scan of the teeth, x-rays to evaluate missing teeth, and evaluation of jaw bones. Not all the young kids need orthodontic treatment. Nonetheless, there is a window when an orthodontist can solve some of the problem like crowding because of early loss of baby teeth due to tooth decay.

What are the benefits of orthodontist for children?

In short, the early orthodontic treatment for children can help avoiding impaction of crowded teeth. Growth modification orthodontic treatment only works when there is growth. It is important to know that limited number of kids would need early orthodontic treatment.

What are the steps for getting an orthodontist for children treatment?

The first step is to find an orthodontist near you. Book an appointment with 2-3 orthodontist that you like to consult with. During your consultation, prepare a list of questions that you have. Ask about all treatment options. Ask about different appliances that you are a candidate. Learn about pros and cons of different braces or aligners types.

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