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Braces are often seen as a symbol of adolescence, specifically the teenage years. Sometimes, entertainers and actors even wear fake braces in when portraying teenage roles to make their character more convincing. Some famous examples include Katy Perry in her “Last Friday Night” music video and Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries.

Contrary to these preconceptions, braces aren’t just for young people. More and more adults are seeking orthodontic care these days for many reasons, including advancements in orthodontic care that have made braces options more discreet, the realization of the value of straight and healthier teeth, and the desire for a lifetime of greater confidence.

At Porth Dr. Rooz, a board certified orthodontist, treat many adult patients and help them navigate the orthodontic process. He is thrilled to serve the adult community in Sammamish, which includes a dynamic workforce of young professionals who drive the world’s cutting edge technology in their companies. By working with these professionals Dr. Rooz helps them improve their smiles, which can give them a lifetime of confidence and the ability to reach their full potential.

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Why Adult Braces are Popular Today

Thanks to a combination of better dental hygiene at the consumer level and more advanced technology in the dental industry, tooth loss is no longer the most prevalent concern when it comes to oral care. Simply put, we are taking better care of our teeth, so our teeth are lasting longer.

So the concern for many isn’t whether or not they can keep their teeth. The concern has now shifted to questions like how do my teeth look? What can I do to keep my gums healthy? How do I prevent losing bone that supports my teeth? How can I prevent wear and tear on my teeth?

This leads many to seek orthodontic treatment to make sure their teeth not only are healthy, but also are perfect for smiling!

There are many benefits to orthodontic treatment for adults:

Improved Oral Health:

With straighter teeth, it is easier to reach all areas of the tooth while flossing and brushing. This lowers the likelihood of neglected areas of the teeth, where bacteria and plaque fester and grow into larger problems. Besides, when you have a beautiful smile that you love to confidently show off in photos, you’ll be more likely to invest time into taking good care of them!

Resurgence in Confidence:

Having a beautiful smile is getting more and more important. Where picture taking was usually limited to school and graduation, social media has made picture taking into almost a weekly occurrence, daily. Take your phone and check how many selfies you took last week. A confident, strong smile allows you to enjoy these pictures, rather than worry about what people think about your smile.

Improved Holistic Health Care:

Accelerated innovation in health services and technologies have made maintaining strong holistic health more convenient. This is possible with the growing popularity of boot camps, healthy meal deliveries and health focused smart technology. Modern orthodontic technology has also seen major technological improvements to a point where it is easier for patients to undergo discreet or faster orthodontic treatment, helping them maintain both strong oral and holistic health care.

Orthodontics Options for Adults

At Porth Personalized Orthodontics, we offer a variety of options for our adult patients.

Clear Aligners (also referred as Invisalign)

Clear aligner therapy is quickly becoming a popular option for many patients as they want to straighten their teeth in the most invisible way possible. At Porth Personalized Orthodontics, we offer adult Invisalign and Porth Clear Aligners that utilize Dr. Rooz’s expertise in Clear Aligner Therapy to help patients straighten teeth without braces. We encourage you to consult with us if you are looking into direct to consumers services like candid co or smile direct club.

Lingual Adult Braces:

Lingual braces are a popular option for many adults seeking to improve their smile as they utilize the technology of traditional fixed braces. However instead of being placed in front of your teeth, the braces are placed behind your teeth. This is a great option for those want to have braces, but also want to keep things hidden.

Esthetic Adult Braces:

Esthetic braces are made of ceramic, which is tooth colored. This makes the appearance of the braces less visually “loud” as the brackets almost blend in with the teeth. 

Clear Ceramic Braces

Orthognathic Surgery & Treatment for Sleep Disorders:

Jaw surgery has become easier than ever, primarily through advances in digital technology in orthodontics and appliances used to set the jaw after re-positioning them in the ideal location. We work with a few extraordinary surgeons. Our interdisciplinary team has improved the lives of many patients with skeletal issues.

Sleep disorders have been a primary focus in dentistry in recent years, and several appliances are available to address them. The use of orthognathic surgery to advance the jaw has been one of the most successful approaches to treat sleep disorders to date.

Accelerated Orthodontics:

Accelerated orthodontic treatment is often a favorite choice for adult patients. While several appliances (such as AcceleDent or OrthoPulse) on the market claim to offer faster results, evidence-based studies reject such claim.

Bone micro-perforation is currently the only available option that is most likely to speed up the treatment. At the time of your consult, and throughout your treatment, we will walk you through all your options and discuss the pros and cons of accelerated orthodontics in detail. Dr. Rooz uses special instruments to create tiny holes in the bone tissue around your teeth which induce lots of inflammation and helps your teeth to move faster.

Accelerated orthodontics

What Stops Adults from Seeking Orthodontic Treatment

Numerous reasons might cause adults to avoid orthodontic treatment. Some are valid, while some are misperceptions. Below I look into more frequent reasons that lead to adult individuals avoiding adult orthodontic treatment.

Concern with Appearance:

This will always be the number one reason I hear from adult patients. As mentioned earlier, braces have a negative connotation in connection to awkwardness and high school insecurity. Despite these very valid concerns, advancements in technology currently used in orthodontics address these issues. Examples are adult clear aligners (commonly known as Invisalign), adult lingual braces, or ceramic braces.

Financial Concerns:

Getting a set of braces or aligners can just look like one large price tag that intimidates potential adult patients. However, when you put your macro lense on, cost of orthodontic treatment is significantly less than alternative care in dentistry. For example, one implant supported crown can cost very close to or more than your orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment can save you lots of work and lots of money. Many orthodontists, including Dr. Rooz at Porth, take insurance and have in house financing options to work with those who genuinely want to seek orthodontic treatment, but need assistance to do so. Learn more about our flexible payment options here.

Poor Oral Health:

Before orthodontic treatment begins, the teeth need to be healthy enough to go through orthodontic treatment. If there is gum disease that is afflicting a patient’s gums, it must be taken care of first. Your orthodontist will consult with you and your dentist or gum specialist to make sure that everything is healthy and ready to go before they start any treatment. Sometimes we have to work with general dentists or periodontists (gum specialists) for a period of time prior to starting orthodontic care.


Lack of information on what exactly orthodontic treatment entails of is one of the primary reasons that adults don’t seek treatment. I frequently hear things like “my teeth are great” and “I am too old for braces to improve my smile.” If I only get a chance to show these individuals what they will gain by going through orthodontic care.

Overall, lot of jitters exist when it comes to orthodontic treatment for adults. Many who did not receive treatment when they were younger often think about getting their teeth straightened but dismiss the idea, thinking it is trivial.

We tell everyone, you don’t have to do that. The options available now are endless. You don’t have to think that a perfect smile is only for those lucky enough to have had braces in their youth, or who won the genetic lottery. It’s worth talking to a few orthodontists. A straight smile isn’t out of your grasp and I encourage those who are reading this to not be the one getting in your own way to that perfect smile!

Adult Patients at Personalized Orthodontics

At Porth we’ve treated a number of adult patients and have great testimonials and stories to share!

Hannah & Traditional Metal Braces:

Hannah was one of Dr. Rooz’s adult patients opted for conventional braces. Hannah came in with a complicated case and it required a customized solution that required multiple operations and strong commitment from the patient, and a team of providers to address all her needs. Hannah’s smile is perfect and one that she is so proud of she wrote about her experience to share with others!

Anna & Lingual Braces:

Anna was our first lingual patient at Porth Personalized Orthodontics. All too familiar with postponing treatment, Anna knew she wanted to get her teeth straightened but was nervous about the whole process. When she got to Porth, there was a lot of questions and unknown, however we took it slow and walked through different treatment options in two different meetings. After a rough couple first days, Anna is now a strong advocate of Lingual Braces and other adults looking at more discrete orthodontic options!
Anna Lingual Braces

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