Who is the top orthodontist in Sammamish, Washington?

Dr. Rooz Khosravi has been nominated as a top orthodontist of Sammamish plateau by the Seattle Met magazine among top dentists in Washington. Our patients also rated their experience with the PORTH team and our clinic at 5 starts. Providing modern orthodontic care to create beautiful smile and improve overall oral health is our specialty. We offer personalized treatment plans that is not only limited to conventional braces or Invisalign

What are the benefits of braces?

Orthodontic treatment commonly referred by wearing braces has multiple benefits. Traditionally mostly teenagers get metal braces. Dental care has changed since. 

Generally new patients based on their age seek orthodontic treatment. 

Braces for kids mostly focus on helping with managing spaces for transition of baby teeth to adult teeth. This sometime involve modifying skeletal growth. Pediatric or General dentistry in combination of orthodontics assist kids with lots of treatment options to address dental or skeletal issues. Palatal spreaders, facemask, partial braces or clear aligners are common dental appliances we use for kids. 

Teenagers generally have all their adult teeth. To improve their dental health and boost their confidence, teens receive orthodontic treatment. Treatment options for teens are braces in various types, invisalign or clear alignerslingual braces (braces behind the teeth). We work with cosmetic dentists for patients with small teeth especially the front teeth. 

Braces Sammamish and Bellevu

Orthodontic care for adults is very different from kids and teens. To render highest quality of care most adult orthodontic treatment needs collaboration with other fields like: periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery. Adults needs dental implants, veneers, crown and bridges and gum procedures like grafts. Combining cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, most adult patients can wear the beautiful smile that they never had a chance to have. Dr. Rooz at PORTH, a state-of-the-art modern clinic in Sammamish and Bellevue, offers modern adult interdisciplinary to his patients from Sammamish, Bellevue, Redmond and Issaquah. He is also an attending in the University of Washington interdisciplinary care.   

American dental association also explain more on the importance of braces.

What are the qualifications of a top orthodontist in Sammamish?

Dr. Rooz is an assistant professor of orthodontics at the University of Washington. He teaches orthodontic residents and dental students. Dr. Rooz is a board-certified orthodontist by the American Board of Orthodontics. Dr. Rooz lectures globally on clear aligner therapy and digital orthodontics. He founded Digital Orthodontics Hub, a study club training orthodontists and their team on implementing 3D printing in their clinic. 

Popular orthodontic treatments at PORTH are clear aligners, clear braces, and hidden braces. We also offer hybrid treatment plans that are customized for patients. Read the story of one of our adult orthodontic patients.

What is the average cost of braces?

Cost of orthodontic treatment depends on the complexity of the care. We offer in-house financing with no interest and offer flexible plans to maximize your insurance benefits. Read more about the cost of braces here.

What are the different types of braces and aligners?

Orthodontic treatment now comes with various forms of appliances. Learn more about type of braces here.