Modern Orthodontics

A few years ago when you walk into an orthodontic clinic, you would have been offered a choice of traditional braces or clear aligners. Braces that orthodontists used to provide 20 years ago is very different from what you can wear today. Ring bands used to be fitted around the teeth and connected with the orthodontic archwire. The next change came when small braces called brackets glued on the teeth to hold the wire that moves the teeth. These brackets often directly bonded on the teeth. 

In modern orthodontics, conventional stock metal brackets have been replaced with custom braces. Personalizing the braces for each individual can be done at a few levels of orthodontic treatment customization. Digital technology assists us with creating custom brackets individually tailored in shape and parts. In some systems, the brackets are 3D printed. The alternative protocol for customizing braces is using individually robotic bend wires – Suresmile wires. The biggest part of all these protocols is the digital software platform that allows digital orthodontists to optimize the treatment plan and appliances to delivery personalized care. 

Digital Braces

Indirect Bonding

Two different methods are used to position braces in an orthodontic practice. Brackets can be directly glued on the surfaces of the teeth. The orthodontist and her team prepare the teeth, positions the braces and bonds on the tooth surface. Braces have to be in a particular position on the teeth in order to move the teeth correctly. 

In indirect bonding approach, a bonding-tray is used to transfer the brackets on the teeth. It will take less time at the first office visit to bond the brackets. Traditionally, the bonding transfer trays are made of silicone material.  3D printing technology enhanced dentistry including orthodontics. With these improvement 

Invisalign vs digital custom braces

Custom braces similar to clear aligners aka Invisalign require proactive digital treatment planning. What this means that your orthodontist plans your treatment in a digital software from the beginning to the end. Digital custom braces have either customized robotic bent wires or customized brackets. These individually tailored appliances work similar to clear aligners except you don’t need to change them weekly or biweekly. 

Wire bending robots, 3D printers to make in-clinic aligners, digital platforms to move teeth all help to efficiently plan orthodontic treatment and reduce treatment time and increase efficiency. 

Sammamish Orthodontics Services 

You have some options if you are looking for orthodontics services in Sammamish or Issaquah neighborhood. What PORTH offer is unique amongst what you would find. Our clinic is one of the top notch digital clinics that offer modern orthodontic care. you get to choose between custom braces with different color options, clear aligners or lingual braces. Book a complementary consultation to learn more about our services for you or your family.