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How to find an Invisalign Orthodontist in Your Town

BY Dr. Rooz

Understanding the complexities of orthodontic treatment can often seem daunting due to the multitude of treatment options at your disposal. Be it addressing your child’s crossbite or straightening your lower crooked teeth, making a choice may prove overwhelming.

One notable option that has captured attention in recent years is clear aligner therapy commonly know as Invisalign. The treatment involves using a series of aligner trays. These removable set of aligners are custom-made for your teeth.

Understanding Invisalign

Invisalign is one type of aligner systems which are alternative treatment option for traditional metal braces. Align technology was the first company that developed Invisalign clear aligners for teeth straightening. Invisalign works through gradual tooth movement by each set of aligners.

Similar to traditional braces, these clear aligners gradually shift your teeth into the desired position. The catch is that you are in charge of wearing clear aligners close to 22 hours a day.

Why choose Invisalign treatment?

While Invisalign does require a degree of discipline, the benefits it offers outweigh those of traditional braces.

Its most apparent advantage lies in its inconspicuousness, providing a less noticeable alternative for orthodontic correction. Furthermore, due to their removability, these aligners facilitate improved oral hygiene and fewer dietary restrictions. However, neglecting oral hygiene with clear aligners can lead to significant cavities requiring extensive dental care.

An alternative to Invisalign is lingual braces, invisible braces placed behind your teeth that provide similar aesthetic benefits of Invisalign without the process’s challenges.

Why Invisalign orthodontist is better than Invisalign dentist?

Selecting the right Invisalign provider is a crucial step towards achieving your dream smile. Accessibility to a great dental health and high qulaity dentistry is vital. Rather than settling for any provider for your orthodontic care, it’s recommended to choose an orthodontist with a robust orthodontic background and extensive experience with clear aligners.

Orthodontists possess a competitive edge in understanding the complexities of tooth movement. This expertise is gained through an additional 2-3 years of specialized training beyond their dental degree (DDS/DMD). This extra academic rigour endows them with a more profound comprehension of orthodontics and treatments like Invisalign.

While a general dentist might offer a lower cost of Invisalign treatment, this could suggest a less thorough approach to your care. Therefore, it’s prudent to consult with various providers, understand their proposed treatment plan, and ensure your comfort and confidence in your choice before committing.

Journey of Orthodontic Treatment with clear aligners (Invisalign)

The initial step towards Invisalign treatment usually involves a free consultation with an orthodontist, where an x-ray and teeth scan are often conducted. The orthodontist will then review your records and propose various treatment plans, including Invisalign. This appointment also covers discussions about type of orthodontic care, Invisalign process, treatment duration and payment plans. You might be offered treatment with clear braces, metal brackets or lingual braces.

How to Locate an Orthodontist for Aligner Treatment in Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Research Orthodontists in Your Area

Initiate your search by curating a list of local orthodontists. You can achieve this by conducting an online search, asking for recommendations, or using the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) directory. Verify that these orthodontists provide clear aligner treatment – usually indicated on their websites.

Step 2: Verify Credentials and Experience

Next, examine each orthodontist’s qualifications and experience. They should possess specialized training in orthodontics beyond their dental degree. Also, look for their experience with clear aligners. Patient reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into their expertise and patient care.

Step 3: Schedule Consultations

After refining your list, it’s time to schedule consultations with your top choices. These meetings offer you the chance to interact with the orthodontist and their team, familiarize yourself with the office environment, and explore potential treatment options, treatment time, and frequency of checkups. Ensure to pose any questions you have about clear aligner treatment – a competent orthodontist will dedicate time to elucidate the process and alleviate any concerns you may have. The treatment plan for underbite, overbite, or crowded teeth is different even that all of these treatment plans give you a beautiful smile. Make sure to ask about the retainer options after your treatment.

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