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Children Orthodontist

BY Dr. Rooz

Kids orthodontist

Parents of children age of 7 to 10 start looking into orthodontic treatment for their kids. This is around the same time that kids start losing their baby teeth slowly. Finding the best orthodontist near you needs a little study to make sure you find the right children’s orthodontist near you for your family.

What do orthodontist do for kids?

Most of orthodontic care for children address space management allowing permanent teeth to move into the mouth. Mismatch between size of teeth and jaws is the most common problem that requires early orthodontic treatment.

Additionally, jaw growth problem can be addressed in early treatment with various orthodontic treatment options.

Why do orthodontist recommend braces for kids?

A small group of children need early orthodontic treatment. Metal braces often recommended along with expander or facemask. There are three most frequent problems resulting in recommendation of orthodontic dental care.

1) Crowding and crossbite in the front teeth

2) Skeletal problem like small upper jaw

3) Habit problems like thumb sucking after 5 years old

What is the average cost of an orthodontist visit?

Most orthodontists offer free consultation to all patients.

Orthodontics for kids

At what age should a child see an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommendation is at age 7 for the first visit to an orthodontists. We see generally see patients at age 5 to 10 for their first visit. Sometime parents decide to come visit us when noticing crooked teeth or the pediatric dentist suggests a visit to an orthodontist.

What does happen in the first visit to an orthodontist?

The first complimentary orthodontic consultation including taking a digital scan of the teeth, an xray to see the teeth that are erupting and discussing the status of dental and skeletal growth. Additionally, we talk about overall oral health and how orthodontic treatment could help with this.

Pediatric dentistry

Dentistry for children include orthodontic services. Pediatric dentistry in combination with orthodontics aim to evaluate the dental health of a child. An interdisciplinary treatment plan helps to build a health and beautiful smile for all children. Straight teeth has show to boost self-esteem of a child.

What are the benefits of getting braces?

Depending on the type of orthodontic needs. Some of the benefits would be creating room allowing permanent teeth to erupt. Address skeletal problems that could only be addressed with corrective jaw surgery in adults.

Pediatric dentist

After dental school, some dentists (dds or dmd) pursue further speciality training to limit their dental practice to offer services for child’s teeth examples are fillings, sealants, and all preventative care.

At the 6 months cleaning and check-up pediatric dentists suggest orthodontic treatment even that most of them don’t offer this service. Orthodontist are dentists that are specialized in moving teeth and fixing jaw growth problems for kids.

Orthodontic children’s dentistry

Do orthodontists use braces on children?

Young new patients often monitor for orthodontic treatment around the age 7. Ealy braces for children can be done with various types of braces as well as teeth aligners aka Invisalign.

What are some of the benefits of seeing an orthodontist?

Prevention is always easier than fixing problems when they occur. Young children benefits from seeing an orthodontist by getting use to the orthodontist. Parents also can plan the time to address potential orthodontic needs as well as the cost of braces.

What is clear aligners or invisalign treatment for kids?

Clear aligners like braces can move teeth. The biggest challenge in aligner treatment for kids is the 22 hours of wearing aligners. Nonetheless, we have a great group of kids that are extremely well in wearing their aligner. Aligners (Invisalign) is a great choice to address overbite and crossbite in children.

Does a kid with special needs require braces?
Depending on the orthodontic needs of a child with special needs, sometime we have to wait a few years before we can start orthodontic treatment. Most of these kids only tolerate pediatric dental care under sedation. Accessibility to the teeth and cooperation is the key to a successful orthodontic treatment for kids.

FAQs on children orthodontics:

Do kids need retainer after early orthodontic treatment?

Yes. Generally kids wear retainer for a relatively short period of time. It is time to stop wearing retainers when adult permanent teeth start growing into the month. All these changes make the retainer not to fit.

Can kids flossing their teeth with an expander?

Your child can’t floss their back teeth with expander. We use special glue that contains fluoride to protect the teeth. This means that brushing the back teeth with expander is extremely importnat.

Do I need a referral to an orthodontist for the first visit of my child?

No. You can schedule a free consultation for your first visit. We have two clinics in Sammamish and Bellevue that offers free 1st visit to an orthodontist consultation.