Kids braces


Your Comprehensive Guide to Children's Orthodontics: Braces and Beyond

As a parent, you may be wondering about the ins and outs of orthodontic treatment for your child. When do you know if your child needs braces? What types of braces are available? How do you navigate the world of pediatric dentistry to ensure the best oral health for your child?

Here you will find answers to these questions and more, based on Dr. Rooz's expertise and guidelines from the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

Dental and Skeletal Development and child needs

The early stages of a child's dental care are crucial. Baby teeth may seem temporary, but they set the stage for the alignment of permanent teeth. Regular checkups and x-rays can help identify any orthodontic problems such as crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, or even malocclusion - a term used to describe misaligned teeth or a bad bite. If left untreated, these conditions can lead to tooth decay and gum disease later in life.

Your kid's dentist or pediatric dental specialist often monitor all of these yet it is easy to miss orthodontic needs.


Orthodontic treatment needs and time for kids

In orthodontics, the goal is not just to straighten teeth but also to improve the bite and enhance oral health. An orthodontic evaluation by a skilled orthodontist can provide a detailed treatment plan. This might include traditional metal braces, expander, facemask, or even clear aligners like Invisalign, depending on your child's mouth and specific alignment problems. Each kind of braces comes with distinct advantages, costs, and treatment times.

Traditional metal braces, for instance, involve metal brackets and archwires to guide the teeth into place. Ceramic braces function similarly but with ceramic components that blend in with the teeth. Ceramic braces rarely used in kids; teens and adults are more interested in this option.

Clear aligners and Invisalign are nearly invisible, offering a discreet treatment option. However, they may not be suitable for all kids.

Orthodontic treatment for kids

Orthodontic care for kids extends beyond the type of braces chosen. Kids orthodontic treatment mostly is a combination of creating room for adult teeth and modifying skeletal issues.

Orthodontic treatment is a significant step towards ensuring the lifelong oral health of your child. Regular checkups, the right type of braces, diligent oral hygiene, and understanding the different treatment options can create a positive orthodontic experience. With the support of a dedicated orthodontist, your child's braces journey can lead to a healthy and confident smile.

Cost of braces and dental insurance

When it comes to orthodontic treatment for your child, understanding the cost of braces is a range. The cost can vary depending on the treatment time, type of appliances and treatment time.

Each type of braces has unique advantages and treatment timeframes, which an orthodontist will consider when creating a custom treatment plan for your child's teeth. Factors such as the severity of alignment problems, whether an overbite or underbite is present, and the need for additional appliances like retainers, rubber bands, or even headgear can affect the treatment time hence the cost.

It's important to note that early treatment of orthodontic problems can prevent more serious, and potentially more expensive, issues down the line. Most orthodontists offer payment plans to improve accessibility, and dental insurance may cover part of the cost. Investing in your child’s oral health now can save on future healthcare costs, and promote a lifetime of healthy smiles.