Adult Orthodontics


Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is no longer limited to kids. Clear aligners (Invisalign) and lingual braces (invisible braces) changed the orthodontic treatment for adult patients. Clear braces and traditional braces (front of the teeth) are still popular for some adults. In sum there are various types of braces available for adults.


Adult orthodontic treatment include correcting crooked teeth as well as fixing deep overbite, excessive overjet, or underbite. Orthodontists offer orthodontic care to fix malocclusion or to correct jaw problems. A confident smile and straight teeth can take you far.

Orthodontic treatment options

Orthodontic treatment options have changed like everything in dentistry. Ceramic braces (ceramic brackets) used to be an only upgrade the traditional metal braces for adult orthodontic patients.

Orthodontic treatment options for adults include:

  1. Correcting misalignment and teeth straightening

  2. Improving oral hygiene, gum disease, and overall health by fixing malocclusion

  3. Preparing spaces for dental implants

  4. Improving TMJ problems in certain malocclusions

  5. Correcting jaw abnormalities with orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery)

Orthodontic treatment time for adult braces

Treatment time is directly tied to the treatment plan which is based on the complexity of orthodontic care. Adult clear aligners or braces varies from 6 months to 2 years of orthodontic care.

Adult Invisalign (Clear Aligners)

Clear aligners are plastic trays (Invisalign aligners) covering your teeth. You have to wear these aligners around 22 hours a day as part of your orthodontic treatment. You can take them out to eat, brush and floss. Clear aligners started with the align technology mostly for adult patients with crowded teeth. Invisalign providers (ideally orthodontists) mostly offered teeth-straightening for cosmetic reasons. The benefits of Invisalign treatment (the first brand of clear aligners) was the ability to remove the custom-made trays to brush and avoid gum disease.

Invisalign clear aligners represent a modern approach to correct orthodontic issues, offering an alternative to traditional braces for adult treatment. Made from clear plastic, these plastic aligners are virtually invisible, boosting self-esteem and confidence while working towards a beautiful smile. Clear aligner treatment involves using a series of aligners, each set designed to move teeth incrementally towards the desired position.

This method is effective in correcting bite problems and aligning teeth, contributing to improved dental health and reducing the risk of tooth decay associated with misaligned teeth. The aligners are custom-made for each individual, ensuring a comfortable fit and an efficient path to a new smile. Invisalign's discreet nature makes it a popular choice for adults seeking to resolve orthodontic issues without the visibility of traditional braces, allowing them to maintain a professional appearance while achieving their dental goals.

Box orthodontics or DIY adult braces

The American association of orthodontists has been warning adult patients about direct to consumers aligner treatment options like smile direct club. These companies often claim accessibility and improvement of oral health as the center of their mission.

Cost of braces and dental insurance

Most orthodontists offer free consultations to learn the treatment plan and the cost of treatment. Insurance coverage for orthodontic treatment is limited to 50% of the total cost with a cap. This include appliances like self-ligating braces or clear aligners, xrays, visits and retainers. Payment plans are mostly interest free for orthodontic treatment.