Today, millennials make up over one third of the US workforce. Born between 1981 and 1996 , millennials are currently between the ages of 22 and 37, and poised to redefine how we think about work life balance, time management, and client services.

As more and more millennials have come of age in the past few years, the number of adult patients searching for an orthodontist for treatment has risen by 14% . Millennials understand their oral health and appearance as worthwhile investments, and are more willing to seek orthodontic care and braces in their adult years than previous generations have been.

This trend is significant, especially when we consider the fact that only about 30% of millennials visit a dental office for routine checkups every year. . While cost and convenience are two of the biggest hurdles that millennials face in terms of healthcare, many are prioritizing orthodontic treatment and getting braces as an adult. A great, confident smile can make a big difference in both professional and social interactions, and millennials are willing to invest in their future and success.

At Porth, we are pleased to serve a lot of millennial patients who have come to the Seattle area for fast-growing industries and dynamic career opportunities. We embody this energy and environment in our practice, working to meet all of our patients’ unique needs and expectations in Seattle, Sammamish and the surrounding area.

Why do millennials want to see an orthodontist in a boutique or concierge-style orthodontic clinic?

Concierge care is a movement in the medical community among professionals who are tired of the typical medical care format of the 21st century. Changes in market demands have pushed many healthcare providers including orthodontists to compromise quality time with each patient, and instead prioritize getting through as many appointments per day as they possibly can in order to generate enough revenue.

Concierge orthodontic care, also known as boutique practice, is all about patient-centered wellness care . In this kind of office, orthodontists take on less patients and are therefore able to provide superior service to the ones they see. An orthodontist who elect to build a concierge practice is committed to spending time and energy on each of their individual patients in order to provide the quality care that they deserve.

Many potential patients are concerned that a boutique practice will cost more than a standard care practice. This is not necessarily true, as fees and insurance policies vary depending on the office and level of care you need. Choosing to invest in concierge medical care can even save you money in the long run, as you will not be spending money on extra appointments where nothing is really taken care of due to the doctor’s time constraints.


Here are some of the most notable benefits our orthodontist offers in our boutique clinic in Sammamish!

More Time Together

Because a boutique practice has limited patients, one of the greatest benefits of choosing us is the amount of time we are able to dedicate to you and your treatment. You deserve patience and attention, especially when making decisions about which treatment option will be best for you. Dr. Rooz takes great pride in the amount of time he is able to spend on each patient during their appointment, offering thorough examinations and taking time to answer all of your questions and review your options completely and individually.

More Comfort

Part of our choice to work as a boutique practice involves creating a space where patients can feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit us to receive care. This means that we have put a lot of thought into the design aspects of our office, and use only the best, top of the line orthodontic equipments to provide care that is efficient and centered around patients needs with busy lifestyle. Our team is also able to spend time speaking with you and answering any questions you may have to make sure you know that you are at the center of your treatment.

Personal Connection

Dr. Rooz cares! The extra time we are able to spend with you adds not only quantity but quality to your experience. Our investment in your treatment adds to your experience and care, while also guaranteeing more precise results because we will never settle for less than what you deserve. We want you to be completely satisfied by your improved smile , and will make sure that we get to that perfect end goal together.

Concierge care, also known as boutique practice, is all about patient-centered wellness care.

Our very own board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Rooz , explains that “the biggest differentiating factor in the way that I practice is that I do not make decisions for the patient. I provide them with all of the information and they make their choices based on their preferences. This is extremely hard to execute in practice models that have to run fast and move patients quickly through the clinic.”

The time and personalized care that we are able to offer our patients because of our boutique model is simply incomparable to the industry standard of today. If you are ready to see an orthodontist for the care and attention that you deserve, schedule a consultation with us today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Babyboomers, Social Media and COVID-19

We are living in a new world where millennial generation are experiencing life in a completely different filter compared to baby boomers. Covid-19 pandemic introduced a new twist to the mix. Healthcare like all other aspects of life is redefined by millennial generation. Even millennial dentists are slowly moving from traditional dental care in their dental practices. Patients are seeking facebook pages to learn about private practices to schedule appointments with the dentists/dds and hygienists. Who has time to pick up the phone and make a phone calls?! Google like facebook or practice management software make it easy to maintain social distancing in the post covid-19 world. Young adults aka millennial patients are ready to make the use of their smartphone to streamline their life. Orthodontic practices are no different. The days of plaster models and unilateral decision making by the orthodontist about the treatment is gone. Dental schools are emphasizing on patient centered care.